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Repairs, Alteration, Additions, Change of Occupancy.Site Evaluation. Development of Rehabilitation Plans with reference to existing structure.

Structural, Facade, Masonry. Identification of Immediate Repairs. D.O.B citation remedy work determination.

Recommendation of Rehabilitation techniques,Contractor Co-ordination. Building Permits Procurement.

Assistance at every step until the project completion. Safety Inspection.

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Fault Finding

Building structures are complex in nature.Bigger the building the more complex is the structure supporting it. A minor flaw or omission in the initial design or construction can result in major damages due to water leak, moisture seeping throuh or cracks appearing anywhere in the building. Finding the root cause of the problem is the key in resolving such problems.

Our team of engineers specializes in determining the source of the problem in the structure. We perform in depth analysis of initial designs and assesment of the building. We recommend feasible remedial solutions which are cost effective. Depending upon the scope of the project we also develop all the required construction drawings for the repair project.

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