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Third Party Review and Professional Reporting on all aspects of Building & Construction status.

Structure Stability, Facade stability, Building Code Compliance, Exterior Envelop, Fencing reports.

Reports are helpful in getting professional insight on the status of a building.

Large Pool of clients inlclude Architects, Contractors, Property Manager, Co-Op Boards, Lawyers & Owners.

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FISP (Formerly Local Law 11) Report

The New York City Department of Buildings requires that every building over 6 stories be inspected every 5 years under Facade Inspection Safety Program.(FISP). The law mandates a critical examination of the building appurtenances and exterior walls by a licensed architect or professional engineer within a two year window in cycles occurring every five years. Additional supplementary inspections of balconies, guardrails and fire escapes were introduced during 7th cycle. A detailed report of the findings and status of the building must be submitted to D.O.B and the owner of the building.

RAS P.E has years of experience in carrying out inspections under FISP program. We Prepare FISP report and submit (through D.O.B NOW) on owner's behalf in a timely fashion. We also provide recommendations if any repair work is required. Our services include identifying the repair techniques and developing the steps required for a safe remedial solution.

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