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NYC Licensed Inspection agency. Serving all five boroughs. Backed by over 3 decades of Building Desing Experience.

Construction Progress status & Special Inspections (Formerly Controlled Inspections)

Project life cycle scope. Code Compliance Inspections. Online Filing. D.O.B Now.

Building Forensic investigations. Root cause determination for repair projects. Detailed reporting on the status of the building. Third party review in legal litigations.

Strcutural SteelConcrete Inspection (Cast-in-Place, Precast, Sub-stressed)Sub-Grade Foundation Inspection Foundation Footing Underpinning Inspections Masonry
EIFS System Excavation & SOE Mechanical Demolition Building Forensic

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Buidling Codes Compliance

Building Codes are designed to ensure that a constructed building is safe for its occupants, the people living around it and the environment. They also govern the construction process itself making sure the safety of cosnstruction workers. Every layer and component of the building must be constructed in compliance with the code following all the specifications. These codes are enforced by the local authorities by accredited third party inspections during different phases and after the complettion of construction.

As an accredited inspection agency RAS P.E carry out all these inspection during constructions phases and after the completion. We also perform special inspections such as Facade Safety ( Mandated by Local law 11 ), structural stability and other safety inspections.

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