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Site Investigations. Soil, Rock, Bedrock & Sub-Grade analysis for project requirements.

Vital in determining the type of foundations, pavement sub-grade and materials selection.

Review of Project needs for shallow and deep foundations. Fault distribution analysis

Pre design surveys. Recomdendations for retaianing wall design, shoring and underpinnig.

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Earth Materials

The nature and composition of earth materials on any construction site determines the design and magnitude of structures that can be constructed on that piece of land. Geo-tecnical engineering deals with rock and soil mechanics. The knowledge of strength and behaviour of underlying earth's crust is critical in designing stable structure to be built on that ground.

Our team of Geo-technical engineers carry out pre-design investigations of site. Distribution of rock and soil across the area of interest. Deep analysis of type of soil, risk assesment and recommend the type of structure design as per the project requirement.

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Soil Analysis