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Identification of Project requirements. Site Assesment. Evaluation of zoning and environmental classifications.

Analysis of various aspects of project. Sustainaibility, Cost, Time frame, Logistics.

Pre design research. Identification of best suited structure type.(Steel, Concrete, Wood). Optimal Solution determination (Economics vs Performance).

Determines the viability of Large Projects. Identification of various types of specialty required to design the project

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Simplyfying the Complex

Large Construction project are complex in nature and often requires professional feasibility study to determine the viability of the project. It determines the various hurdles & roadblocks which may appear during the execution of project. It identifies various processes to be started concurrently to save the time and cost.

Our team of expert engineers have carried out feasibility studies for projects of various scales over the years. We identify & address the concerns of various stake holders in the project. Conduct extensive pre-design research. Our knowledge and specialty on building codes, zoning bylaws , various construction material & logistic operations allow us to determine the economic, envirmental and social performance of the project. A detailed report is prepared with recommendations.

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