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D.O.B Filing

Review & Filing of all typical construction drawings with D.O.B (Department of Buildings), D.O.T (Department of Transportation) D.E.P (Department of Environmental Protection).

NB, ALT-1, ALT-2 & ALT-3 filing. Client centric filing strategy. Multiple filings and follow ups.

Years of experience in expediting services. Pre-submission review by experienced professional engineers to minizmize flags by municpal agencies.

Outstanding reputation in the industry.Several quality control layers. Personal attention on every project.

Building Permits Procurement

The majority of construction work in New York state requires a buidling permit from department of buildings. In many cases, before the commencement of construction work, drawings and plans must be submitted by a NY state licensed Professional Engineer (P.E) or Registered Architect (R.A). These drawing and plans must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the examining officer that all the proposed work is complaince with building codes and zoning bylaws of the municipality before a work permit is issued.

RAS P.E are licensed Professional engineers authorized to submit application and drawings on clients behalf. We offer filing for New Construction (NB) ,Major alterations (with change of use), Minor alterations (with no change of use or occupancy), Demolitions, Excavations, Repairs, Emergency Permits.

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