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Detailed Investigation of site. Identification of Demolition technique. Dust & Noise disturbance evaluations. Environmental and adjacent properties safety assesments.

Design& Development of Demolition plans. D.O.B Submission & follow ups.

Excavation Designs. Shallow and Deep Excavations. Vertical sheeting structure analysis.

Shoring and Retaining wall Designs. Phase wise consultations. Code compliance guidance.

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Excavation Designs

Most of the new construction projects starts with some type of excavation. Excavations can be small or over a large area of the ground depending upon the project's needs.There are many factors to be considered in designing an excavation plan to ensure the stability of surrounding ground (and safety of structures on that if present) such as angle of repose, type of subsoil, level of water table, depth of excavation, proximity to vehicular traffic, weather conditions.

We offer complete excavation design services.Our Engineers recommend the type of support required to ensure ground stability. Depending upon the project situation we develop plans for retaining wall, underpinning and shoring. Our engineering team work with project contractors to ensure the excavation is carried out as per the plans apporoved by D.O.B

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