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What We Do ...

Structural Designs and Analysys

"The Foundation Of Any Construction Project"

We specialize in designing and developing detailed structure plans as per the Architectural Model. Our Team of Professinal Engineers lead by Rizwan Adbus Salam P.E has versatile experience in structural designs and developing detailed plans for wide range of structures. Our Design Engineers work coherently with Architects , Builders , Contractors to deliver crucial detailed structure plans designed and developed with high degree of precision as per the codes regulated by New York State Department of Buildings.

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Rehabilitation Engineering

"Additions, Repairs, Alterations, C.O.A ..."

Many times modifications are required on the existing structures for various reasons. For over two decades RAS P.E has partnered with Architects, Builders, Contractors, Developers and Owners in Rehabilitation projects. We bring Engineering insights, technical specialty and professional advise in every step for these types of projects. Our knowledgeable and eperienced team of Engineers determine the feasibility of project, create a road map and deliver professinaly desinged plans as per the N.Y.C building codes.

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"Structural, Stability, Excavation, Demolition, Facade ..."

We provide professional consultation in almost every layer of Civil Engineering for any new or on going project, where expert opinion is required. Our privilige of working on thousands of projects spread over a span of over three decades, allows us to bring the technical specialty and feasibility aspect to the project. Our goal is always to design the most practical solution which is customer oriented while adhering to the building codes.

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Engineering Reports

"Local Law11, Structural, Stability, Demolition..."

Reports provide a vital insight and status of the project site not only to the designers but in many cases to the regulating authorities. Several local laws mandate to file periodic reports on various aspects of projects during and after the project. Aging structures are also required to be inspected periodically and reported to the authorities. Our team of engineers perform all the relevent inspections as required by the law and crucial to the progress of projects, and generate professional reports. RAS P.E also files required reports with D.O.B in a timely fashion.

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Geo Technical Engineering

"The Soil Business"

The nature, strengh and quality of a soil are very vital in determining the type of structure which can come up on that piece of land. RAS P.E's Geo-Technical Engineering team is well equipped to provide this vital set of information for any construction project. We perform surface and sub-sruface soil analysis and provide statistical data which can be used in designing various arms of the projects.

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D.O.B Filing

"Submission, Expiditing, Response, Procurements ..."

We have dedicated team and procedures in place to file the documents with Department of Buildings. RAS P.E responds to any queries made by D.O.B, and follow up the case until approval is onbtained. All our designs and plans are in accordance to the code regulated by D.O.B

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