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Load analysis is vital in designing the building structures. We offer comprehensive anaylsis of Dead, Live & Environmental Loads. Third party review of existing designs.

Determines the feasibility of Additions / modifications to existing strctures.

Our specialty includes Environmental Loads analysis such as Siesmic, Wind, Snow and Settlement Loads.

Extensive experience with structural context and building materials.

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Alternate Designs

The safety and servicebility of any building structure critically depends on its ability to resist the loads, it is subjected to during its useful life cycle. The forces exerted on a structure are largely influenced by its Geometry (Dead Load), Intended use (Live Load) and location (Environment Load). The type and magnitude of these loads ultimately determines the structure configuration, Material Selection and Construction Details. Load Analysis requires in depth knowledge and understanding of all these factors applied realistically for an optimal design (performance vs cost).

RAS Professional Engineers is one of the leading structural design firms in New York city. Over the years we have worked on thousadns of Load analysis projects. Our experience with these projects gives us leverage for in depth analysis in short span of time. We co-ordinate closely with Architects and Contractors for optimal solutions. Our recommendations include alternate designs and choice of materials to achieve the same goal.

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