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The Firm

Our Aspiration

" Deliver Innovative and Trend Setting Building structural Designs & Plans in the field of civil engineering, and to provide Complete professional engineering services to Architects, Developers, Contractors, & Owners".

RAS P.E. Consulting Engineers, is one of the leading Structural Designing firms in New York City, located in mid town Manhattan near Rockefeller Center. We offer complete structural analysis and design, drafting, shop drawing review and field inspection of buildings. Design services include design of concrete, steel and wood framed buildings, development of construction details, which are practical and cost effective, layout of plans and typical details.


Building Designs

We specializes in designing and developing plans for all types of buildings including Commercial Plazas, High Rises, Industrial units, Residentail Houses, Town Houses, Condominiums, Mosques, Churches. Over the past three decades we have worked on thousands of projects of all scales. Our vast experiece and technical specialty allow us to devise a cost effective solution for almost any type of construction project such as new buildings, Renovations, Restorations, Alterations, Additions to the existing buildings, Repairs, Demolition, Excavations etc.

Every Project is important to us regarldess of its scale. We assist our clients from start to finish of the project depending upon the scope by procuring building permits, periodic inspections and strategic advise at every stage of the project.

Controlled Inspections

We are a licensed New York Building Inspections Agency. We carry out regulated Progress status and Special Inspections. Some of the main categories of inspections we cover are Strcutural Steel Inspection (Welding, Bolting, Details, Formed steel) Concrete Inspection (Cast-in-Place, Precast, Sub-stressed) Sub-Grade (Soil Preparation), Foundation Inspection, Deep Foundation Inspection, Foundation Footing Inspection, Underpinning , Masonry Inspection , EIFS System Inspection, Excavation & SOE Inspection, Mechanical Demolition Inspection etc.

Our Commitmment

The professional engineers of RAS PE Consulting Engineers, share a total commitment to excellence as illustrated by our reputation in the industry. We provide quality assurance for owners, as we strive to complete projects within a diligent schedule and thorough output. Our team draws upon a wide array of experience to provide an integrated engineering service on projects of all sizes.

We take pride in serving our customers in a professional manner which is most suited to their requirements. we are committed to make the process as simple as possible for our customers and deliver the services in a timely fashion. Please visit our Speciality section to view a complete list of services we provide and to understand how we can help you in achieving your goals.